USITC To Continue Pressure Washer Dumping Investigations
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USITC To Continue Pressure Washer Dumping Investigations

USITC To Continue Pressure Washer Dumping Investigations

Pressure Washer Dumping Investigations

USITC (US International Trade Commission) announced that they will continue to investigate Vietnamese and Chinese companies for the illegal sale and export of pressure washers. The news comes after the agency received instructions to continue since it found evidence of dumping in the pressure washer industry in November 2022. Dumping is the practice of illegally selling goods at cheaper prices and below market value. Due to which there is loss to the local industries. These industries may be closed in case of loss and many people may also lose their jobs. This could lead to serious consequences. The USITC has found substantial evidence that Chinese and Vietnamese manufacturers are selling their products at lower prices than US products.

All these investigations were started when the American pressure washer company approached the court against these illegal companies in May 2022.The petition made a case of dumping against many Chinese and Vietnamese industries. The USITC will now gather concrete evidence against these Chinese and Vietnamese industries to transparently investigate and deal with these companies. The case can be resolved.

According to the initial investigation, there is substantial evidence that Vietnamese and Chinese companies are involved in illegal dumping. Further investigations are still underway to establish a final decision and support the US industry and protect domestic industries from harm.

USITC (US International Trade Commission)says it will continue its investigation further and will take clear and strict action against the dumping companies. For this reason, there is a lot of tension in the trade between America and China. But American pressure washer companies have called for a rigorous investigation. So that US International Trade Commission conducts impartial investigation and protects domestic industries by stopping illegal dumping.

The pressure washer industry is among the many industries that generate millions of dollars in annual turnover. According to a news report, there has been dumping of 330 million dollars, which is a concern for the USITC (US International Trade Commission) and the United States. Due to this, many domestic industries are also facing losses.


USITC will continue to fully investigate dumping. Information will be gathered on all people and companies that illegally buy and sell. US International Trade Commission will provide the most important information about these illegal companies so that appropriate measures can be taken to prevent them.

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