Do Electric Pressure Washers Need Oil?
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Do Electric Pressure Washers Need Oil?

Do Electric Pressure Washers Need Oil?

Do Electric Pressure Washers Need Oil? Those are handy tools for every homesteader who values clean homesteads. Proper care and maintenance make them last longer and improve their overall efficiency. These are handy tools for every homesteader who values clean homesteads. However, a question arises regarding oiling moving parts of these machines.

But when it comes to maintenance, many people wonder: do these electric motors and pumps still require oil like their gas-powered counterparts? This article will provide an in-depth examination of how electric pressure washers work and, specifically, whether oil factors into their operation and maintenance.

Key Takeaways:

  • Electric motors don’t need oil, unlike gas engines. Electromagnetism drives operation.
  • Pumps require small amounts of special pressure washer pump oil to function properly.
  • Changing pump oil regularly critical for health and longevity.
  • Choosing right oil type important but challenging. Low consumption oils best.
  • Never add oil to electric motor itself. Causes excess wear.
  • Don’t add oil to pump mechanism either. Contaminates water flow.
  • Good maintenance and care makes pressure washers last longer and improves efficiency.

Understanding Electric Motor Design:

To understand why it don’t need oil, it’s important to first understand precisely how an electric motor works. The motor has two key components: the Stator and the Rotor.

The Stator:

The stator provides the stationary electromagnets that are powered via the motor’s power source. When electricity flows through the stator coils, it creates a magnetic field. The rotor is the rotating part of the motor, made up of coiled wires. As the stator’s magnetic field shifts polarity, it pushes and pulls on the rotor, causing it to spin continuously.

The Rotor:

This spinning rotor shaft can then be used to power mechanical devices, like the water pump in a pressure washer. The electric motors fundamentally operate on electromagnetism and electricity flowing through copper wires. There is no need for oil inside the motor itself, unlike combustion engines.

Examining Pressure Washer Pump Design:

The electric motor spins an impeller inside the pump to create pressurized water flow. But how exactly do these pumps work? And do they require oil?

The water itself acts as the lubricant allowing smooth operation of the internal pump components. Any introduction of oil or other substances could contaminate the water flow and cause undue wear.

Do Electric Pressure Washers Need Oil?

Yes, electric power washers also need oil for their pump. In contrast to gas engines, the power washer’s electric motor does not need oil, but the pump needs oil to keep working properly. The water pumps need a relatively low amount of oil. If you need to change the oil, you have to use special pump oil.

How to Change the Oil in an Electric Pressure Washer:

Changing pump oil in pressure washers improves the health of the machine, its functionality, and longevity. You risk pump burn-out if you don’t change the oil as often as necessary. Thus, when conducting a maintenance routine on your machine, start by powering on the washer. The catch is that warm oil drains faster, saving you the stress of cleaning oil residue in the pump afterward.

Now, fix back the drain plug. The next thing you should do is refill the pump with brand new oil, taking care not to overfill it lest leakage becomes an issue. Most importantly, you should check the oil level before powering on the washer. We recommend refilling up to 85 percent of the pump volume.A dipstick should help you check the oil level, especially if your machine does not have an oil-check window . Now, wipe the pump clean and dry it using a piece of cloth before powering it on.

What Type of Oil Should you Use in your Electric Pressure Washer?

Choosing suitable oil can be a real hard tackle, especially for a novice. From our end of the bargain, we would say that consumption rate is equally important apart from temperature playing significance. From our experience with these machines, low-consumption oils are often best especially if you save money.

Oil & Maintenance Cautions:

Introducing oil into the motor can cause excessive wear and friction. And getting oil in the pump can immediately contaminate the water flow leading to decreased performance.Maintenance should focus on inspecting and replacing water filters as needed, checking electrical connections, and visually ensuring all parts operate properly. But any temptation to add oil, under the assumption it will “lubricate” the motor or pump, must be avoided.

Pressure Washer Pump Oil Substitute:

  • Mobil 1 Synthetic Gear Lube
  • Non-detergent pump oil
  • All-purpose engine oil


Proper care & maintenance make them last longer and improve their overall efficiency. It also need special pump oils .Changing pump oils regularly improves their health and functionality while choosing suitable oils for these machines can be challenging but rewarding in terms of cost savings.

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