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Can You Soft Wash With a Pressure Washer?

Can You Soft Wash With a Pressure Washer?

Who doesn’t like to keep their things and house looking like as good news? To keep your valuables to look like as good as new you should maintain them and keep them clean. It is not easy to clean/wash a house in old traditional ways and it also takes too much time, effort, and energy.

A pressure washer is an effective way to clean a house and it gives you the same results in less time and takes less energy. But what if you can do it in a gentler way as it reduces the risk of damaging your valuables? In this article, you would learn about whether can you soft wash with a pressure Washer which is much safer than a regular pressure washer and reduces the risk of damage.

Steps on How to Soft Wash a Surface or a Thing:

Preparing The Surface:

Preparing the surface, you are about to work on is important. You should remove any trash from the surface. Determine the material of the surface you are about to work on and choose the nozzle and equipment according to it. Before applying the solution, we should wet the surface a little to ensure the even distribution of the solution. 


It is very important to use it safely. Safety should come first in all matters. We must use protective gear to ensure our safety. We must use gloves, earbuds, and face masks before cleaning up is necessary to protect ourselves.

Choosing The Right Solution:

Choosing the right cleaning solution is very important. We should use detergent according to our cleaning surface. We should specifically use a solution for soft cleaning and make sure to read the instructions.

Right Size Nozzle:

Choosing the right size nozzle before cleaning up is necessary. You should choose the nozzle according to the surface. If you would choose the wrong nozzle for a surface or a thing it might get damaged.

Let It Sit:

Let the detergent sit for 10-15 mins before rinsing it. To ensure the place is fully cleaned and to make sure that stubborn stains would be removed you must let it sit.

Protect Nearby Goods:

You do not want your thing to be dirty or wet. You should always protect your goods before pressure washing by either covering them with plastic bags or placing them in another room temporarily.

Some Common Mistakes To Avoid While Pressure Washing:

  1. Using high pressure can lead to a lot of damage. You should not use much high-pressure water to ensure the safety of the goods and the surface around you.
  2. Choosing the wrong appliances for cleaning is a common mistake. You should examine your surface closely first and then choose the right cleaning solution and the right nozzle for cleaning
  3. You should never neglect protecting gears. Your safety comes first always use earbuds because they can cause noise which can be sensitive to your ears, face mask because a pressure washer can release gas that can be harmful to your insights.
  4. Most people neglect manufacturing instructions. You should read the manufactures instructions and then start using anything. If you don’t get the instructions fully you can always watch some YouTube videos and tutorials.
  5. People neglect to protect their plants and the good around them. You should cover it with plastic bags and thoroughly rinse it with some water.
  6. You should not just clean in a hurry, you should give your time to cleaning. You can miss a spot while just rinsing water fast. You should start rinsing from top to bottom and do not rush in the process.
  7.  You should pre-wet the surface first because even spreading of the solution is necessary. Pre-wetting the surface also stops the solution to dry fast as you should let the solution sit for a while for the stubborn stain it ensures that the solution does not dry fast as it can lead to a problem.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use a pressure washer for soft washing?

Yes, you can use a pressure washer for soft washing. You should keep low pressure for soft washing and use specialized cleaning solutions recommended for soft washing. The main key is to adjust the settings of a pressure washer and keep it at low PSI.

How much PSI is recommended for a soft wash?

The PSI of the pressure washer depends on the surface. Usually, it is recommended to use less than 1000 PSI to soft wash. If you are washing a delicate item or a painted wall or roof 300-500 PSI is recommended and if it is a regular surface like a brick wall or driveway 1000-1500 PSI is recommended.


So, it is possible to soft wash with a power washer, but there are some tips and tricks you should use. Soft washing is mainly for delicate or fragile stuff or the things which have more chance to get damaged or ruined. Soft washing is actually a much safer way to clean than pressure washing. You cannot pressure wash everything, but you can power wash everything. There are some things to keep in mind and reading guides or manufactures instructions are mandatory.