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Budget Yard Cleaning: A Penny-wise Alternative to Pressure Washers

Budget Yard Cleaning: A Penny-wise Alternative to Pressure Washers

As winter’s grip loosens, your patio might be showing signs of wear. But one ingenious woman is debunking the notion that you need a pressure washer for a revitalized outdoor haven.

This cleaning maestro reveals that all it takes is a simple one-pound solution to breathe life back into a weathered patio.

Cleaning whizz

With three kids in tow, this resourceful mother shared her transformation on Instagram (@blooms_abode), and The Range later reposted it. “Embracing the outdoors as much as possible. Prepping my patio for the upcoming warmer days,” she captioned.

The best part? She walks us through her process, proving that achieving the same astonishing results is well within reach.

Starting with a £11.99 “block paving set” from The Range, she proceeds to a thrifty solution that costs as low as a pound—The Pink Stuff, found in discount stores like Home Bargains.

She deftly applies it to the patio tiles, creating an oddly satisfying visual, then follows up with a cream cleaner, rinsing it off for a sparkling finish. The outcome garners an overwhelming chorus of praise.

Cleaning whizz
Cleaning whizz

“Look at that before and after—loving the cream cleaner for outdoor use,” one commenter exclaims.

Another shares, “I was planning to use a jet washer—this turned out so well!”

The symphony of comments continues: “This is incredibly satisfying to watch—amazing results!”

“Such an impressive job!” adds another.

Cleaning whizz

In the midst of accolades, one voice sums it up succinctly: “Wow! Fantastic cleaning cream.”

And echoing the sentiment, another contributor joins in: “Great job!”

Witnessing this affordable transformation showcases that, sometimes, all it takes is a pound and a bit of know-how to breathe new life into your patio haven.