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Can You Really Run a Pressure Washer Without Water?

Can You Really Run a Pressure Washer Without Water?

Pressure washers are cleaning tools like any other cleaning tool. Cleaning tools are used to clean your stuff, belongings, house, and valuables, right? But what if I tell you that you can clean your goods faster than you are doing now and with less energy required? These are cleaning tools designed to make your cleaning require less energy and give you the same results as other cleaning methods which require less energy and time.

Run Pressure Washer Without Water

It is mandatory to connect to a water supply. It can be any kind of water supply. But what if you don’t connect it to any water supply? Will it work, if yes for how long? But if not, then why not? And if not, then will it damage our machine to use it without any water supply?

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What Happens If You Use a Pressure Washer Without Water?

Use a Pressure Washer Without Water

It Will Damage the Pump:

Using this without water can cause great damage to the pump of your tool. A pump is an important part. A pump is responsible for pumping the water out from a nozzle. Without a pump, It is basically of no-good use. Using a machine without water can decrease the life span of the pump. Just running for a few seconds without water can increase the friction of the pump which can lead to premature damage/ failure.

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It Will Damage Seal:

 A seal is an essential part. It can be found in the hose, pump, and nozzles. It creates a barrier between the moving parts and the stationary parts. They should be as tight as possible to ensure the pressure of the water. It also prevents the water from leaking from the machine. If we use it without water the seal will be dried out and can be burned. The water works to cool down the seal and if we use it without water, it can cause great damage to the seal.

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Dried Down the Motor:

The motor might not be seen in the front but it plays a vital role in the machine. It generates mechanical power which generates the force in the pump which drives it. As the pump starts to function it creates the necessary pressure to get the water at a high velocity to the pump which enables effective cleaning. If we would Running it without water it would dry down the motor. A dried-down motor would be overheated if would be used which can lock it up or can even break down it completely.

Why Should You Connect Pressure Washer To A Water Supply Before Using?

Run a Pressure Washer Without Water

Lubricating and Cooling:

Cooling the components is an essential step in preparing them. If we would not allow the water to run through the parts it would be overheated and would be damaged. Overheating can reduce performance and can lead to great damage. Cooling your machine with water can maintain a stable temperature during prolonged or heavy use of the machine.

Maintains Optimal Pressure Performance:

They use a specific flow of water to do an excellent performance of cleaning. The better the flow of water the better the cleaning would be. By connecting it to a water supply it starts a steady stream of water which can also prevent the pump from overheating and increases the life span of the machine.

Safety Reasons:

It can be too hot and can lead to malfunctions. It can lead to damage and accidents. Water flow can prevent these kinds of circumstances to happen. The stability of water flow can reduce malfunctions. Using this without water can lead to the exploitation of parts due to over-heat.

Extension Life Span:

The flow of water helps in reducing overheating of the machine. Excessive heat can cause a lot of damage and reduce the lifespan of the machine. The flow of water cools down the parts of the machine which can lead to a longer life span. If the pump of the machine gets overheated it could not be able to give a certain flow of water necessary for effective cleaning. Overheating can also lead to exploding of a certain part.

Can Save you Money:

You must be wondering how water flow can save you money. So, here’s the reason why the flow of water reduces damage. If you would start your water pump without water, it can cause great damage. If the motor burns out or the pump has some kind of malfunction it would need a repair or replacement. A repair or replacement can cost a lot of bucks, so much so that you would consider buying a new machine instead of a repair.

Helps Cleaning:

It is obvious that a power washer cannot clean without water. The power washer needs some kind of water supply to work and clean. Cleaning is the whole purpose of designing a power washer. If you would connect it to a water supply, it would clean otherwise it would not be able to clean.  Water is an essential part of cleaning from a pressure washer. For efficient cleaning, a good flow of water is necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do Pressure Washers Need Water to Start?

Water acts as a lubricant for the pimp. Water is necessary for priming which ensures a continuous and uninterrupted flow of water. Water flowing through the system from the starting part helps in cooling every part of the machine. Water flow prevents heat and damage to the machine. The flow of water ensures the protection of the pump from dry running which can reduce malefactions and damage.

What If You Don’t Have a Water Source Nearby?

You can store water for a temporary water source for your Machine. You can fill the containers in advance and connect them to a hose. It is important to keep in mind that the stored water will determine how long can you use it. The second and most useful option is that you can purchase with a built-in tank. But again, the capacity of a tank would reduce the duration of an operation before it would require a refill.

What Happens if a Pressure Washer Runs with No Water?

Running a water pressure without water can cause great damage. Less lubrication more friction in the pump which can lead to failure of the pump. Running can cause seals, pistons, valves, and other pump parts to overheat, warp, or can be damaged. It can lead in reducing performance or complete breakdown.


To wrap up, it is not possible to clean without being connected to a water supply. But, apart from cleaning many other things concern if the power pressure is connected to a water supply or not. For instance, safety comes first it is obviously not safe to run a power pressure without water it can cause an explosion of any part of the machine. It would be dried and overheated if we would start it without a water supply. Overheating can lead to malfunctions and great damage. If a part of the system would be damaged only the replacement alone would cost much.  Running it without water can also reduce the lifespan of the machine. If the system would work fine at the time, it would not give you the results it should give and it would probably stop working in a while.